Dr. Russell Mumper


“I wish to express my gratitude to you for your invaluable leadership over the past two academic years (2015-2017) as Co-chair and then Chair of UGA’s Program Review and Assessment Committee (“PRAC”). I directly observed your diligent and thoughtful leadership to address major issues, facilitate discussions, and propose changes to the Academic Program Review Policy 4.12-2 that were subsequently endorsed and approved by the thirty-faculty member PRAC and University Council. I feel strongly that the revised policy is sound and will serve UGA very well in the future. Importantly, I believe you were the right leader at the right time. It is not surprising that your website states one of your areas of expertise is “change management.” UGA is fortunate to have you as a faculty member.”

Dr. Al Segars

Dave Chatterjee

Dr. Chatterjee is a leading expert on technology and its impact on organizations. His work in cyber security is groundbreaking and impactful. Many businesses and business leaders have benefitted from his insight and expertise.

Jaspal Sagoo


“An outstanding thought-provoking and engaging presentation by Dave Chatterjee on many emerging technologies, many of which are currently being investigated by CDC. It is always a pleasure to listen to Dave, his enthusiasm and subject matter expertise clearly shows, and he is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking.”

Dr. Paul Klute


“I think the report is spot on. It really addresses the core problems / opportunities related to data literacy that UGA is facing and it gives some very viable and realistic options on addressing those problems / opportunities. Luckily, some of the findings are already things that we are working on as an institution, so at least our findings are consistent. I also think it presents a good number of things, like the idea of additional trainings and a “data driver’s license” structure that can be further built out to bolster our data literacy efforts. I also think that this report is something that I can share widely across the institution and get buy­in from invested units. All­in­all, I think that this is a great set of recommendations that really got at the core question that we were attempting to address. I appreciate everyone’s work on the project.”

Mary Sumner


“He is one of the finest academic professionals in the country and he understands the “real world” and realizes that academic leaders needs to address “real world” issues in both teaching and research! He would be a great pick for the Academic Council of SIM.”

Lee Crump


“I have been honored to know Dave Chatterjee for over 5 years now through my membership in SIM Atlanta and as a guest speaker at his Information Management classes at UGA. Dave has done a fantastic )and often thankless) job as the President of SIM Atlanta for many years. He is a consummate professional, very knowledgeable on the issues facing IT Leaders today, and puts in long hours in this volunteer role to help IT Managers network with each other and hear excellent speakers at our monthly SIM meetings. I recommend Dave highly!”

Shelli Keagle


“Dave is a visionary for how technology can enable improvements in business and academic settings. He clearly communicates his ideas in an easy style that distinguishes him from many. He sees the strategic value of technology as an enabler for success and can clearly apply that lens to any situation he encounters, in order to assess and recommend a path forward. I would highly recommend Dave.”

Muthu Arumugham


“I have known Dr. Dave Chatterjee (Dave) for many years now. When I arrived in Atlanta several years ago, Dave helped me connect with the community of senior IT leadership by encouraging me to join the Atlanta Chapter of SIM (Society for Information Management is the premier international community of senior IT practitioners and thought leaders) and also inviting me to participate in his CXO panel discussions. I have seen him lead the SIM Atlanta Chapter with great effectiveness for many years. I also had the pleasure of engaging with him in numerous discussions on how to be a very effective leader in the technology space and have found his thoughts and wisdom to be most enlightening and inspiring. As someone who participated in his panel discussions, I can vouch for his ability to moderate CXO panel discussions in business and technology topics. Dave is very thorough and meticulous in his approach and preparation, which helps him deliver spectacular results.”

Alec Dicks


“Dave was my favorite professor at UGA.”

Cecil Bowe


“In case you never knew, you gave me the start in this career direction based on your course 10 years ago.”