I enjoy my time in the classroom and have taught with great distinction at all levels – Undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, Professional MBA, and Ph.D.

Currently Teaching

Courses Taught

  • Management Information Systems (MBA Core)

  • Information Technology and Strategy (Executive MBA Core)

  • Doctoral Seminar on IT Management (Ph.D.)

  • Internet Technology and Strategy (Executive MBA Core)

  • Information Resource Management (Undergrad MIS Core & MBA Elective)

  • Strategic IT Management in a Global Firm (UNC Chapel Hill’s Global OneMBA Program)

  • Information Management and Analytics Technology for Accountants (UNC ChapelHill’s Masters of Accounting Program)

Executive Education & Training

  • Developed and taught the core IT course titled ‘Information Technology and Strategy’ in the Terry College Executive MBA program and Professional MBA program (2003 – Present).

  • Developed and taught the course titled ‘Strategic IT Management in the Global Firm,’ in Global OneMBA program for UNC, Chapel Hil from 2011 to 2015.

  • Taught a course on IT Value Management in the Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) provided by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, The University of Georgia, for the Georgia Chapter of Government Management and Information Sciences (GMIS) in Savannah, GA. (2012)

  • Hearst Corporation Executive Education Workship, IT and Strategy Group, “Developing and Leveraging Electronic Partnering Capabilities,” Colbert, GA. (2007)

  • SIM APC Quarterly Executive Meeting and Workshops on E-Business (2001-2002)

Executive Education & Training

Coached and mentored several students from the Executive MBA program. Reviewing the 360 Leadership Assessment results, crafting a leadership development plan, setting benchmarks, and monitoring and guiding progress were some of the key activities and elements of the program.

Directed Independent Studies

I have directed several independent studies at the graduate and undergraduate level and also served on Ph.D. dissertation committees.

  • “Transformational Change in the Medical Transcription Industry,” Student: Sue McGrogan (Executive MBA Program)

  • “Moving Beyond the Legacy of Forced Adoption of RFID,” Student: Kelly Blust (Undergrad MIS Program)

  • “STARinU Case Study,” Student: Matt Lischke (Undergrad MIS Program)

  • Dissertation Committee Member, “Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for the Power User of Technology,” Student: Chris Kadlec (MIS Ph.D. Program)

  • Dissertation Committee Member, “The Team Leader Technology Facilitation Role in Information Systems Project Virtual Teams,” Student: Dominic Thomas (MIS Ph.D. Program)

  • Dissertation Committee Member, "Business-driven Information Systems Change: How Companies Anticipate, Prepare for, and Respond to the Need for Change,” Student: Justin Cochran (MIS Ph.D. Program)

  • "How can 
    small business use the Internet to increase sales?" Student: Wayne Akins (Executive MBA Program)

  • "US Homeowner Association Adoption of IT Tools," Students: Donny Rolader, Neal Steffin, Stoddard Mannikin, and Ronald Hillman (Executive MBA Program).

  • "Moving Towards a More Responsive and Agile IT Infrastructure: Intel SAP Re-platform Case Study," Student: Jing Chen (Executive MBA Program)

  • Dissertation Committee Member, "Understanding the Organizational Impact of Integrated IT Application Infrastructure through Agility: The Case of Enterprise Resources Planning Infrastructure," Student: Daniel Chen (MIS Ph.D. Program)

Directed Independent Studies

  • New Projects Online Interface and Database Design, UGA Archway Program, GA.

  • Demolition Tracking System, Brunsvick County, GA.

  • IS Audit, Pulaski County, GA.

  • CRM Systems Evaluation and Recommendation, Graphics Packaging International, GA.

  • Search Engine Optimization, Hart County Industrial Building Authority, GA.

  • Wi-fi Audit, Hartwell City, GA.

  • Parks and Recreation Management System, Sumter County, GA.

  • iControl Technology Evaluation, Cisco Inc.

  • Femtocell Technology Evaluation, Cisco Inc.

  • Residential Gateway Solutions Evaluation, Cisco Inc.

  • Mobile BI Solutions Evaluation, Graphic Packaging International.

  • Web 2.0 Solutions Evaluation, Graphic Packaging International.

  • VoIP Solutions Evaluation, Graphic Packaging International.

  • Email Retention Management System, Graphic Packaging International.

  • Voice over IP, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Technology Needs Assessment, Patricia’s Spiritwear.

  • Inventory Tracking System, Moultrie Community College, Moultrie, GA.

  • HR Payroll System – Vendor Evaluation, Southeast Georgia Healthcare System, Glynn County, GA.

  • Customer Relationship Management System, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Document Imaging System, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Mail Tracking System, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Restaurant Evaluation System, Zaxby’s Inc.

  • Database Analysis and Design, Zaxby’s Inc.